About Us

Established in 1999, our aim is to provide our customers with a range of Innovative Beautiful Krystal products that are exclusive to IB Krystals. We pride ourselves on being different from everyone else on the market and are constantly striving to introduce exciting new designs and ideas into our product collections.

At IB Krystals we pursue fashion with passion, daring innovation to produce truly innovative Beautiful designs.

Our entire Bridal range is handmade, with time taken to stone each Tiara by hand to adorn the beautiful bride.

Although the crystals are not diamonds their sparkle is absolutely outstanding we have  chosen 925 sterling silver as the main precious metal, to be combined with our crystals. Although our entire wedding ring collection is made from 18 karate Gold.

At IB Krystals we are continually producing innovation from our  marvelllous crystal creations.

About Our Products:

Whilst predominantly the source of IBK crystals are from the Swiss Alps in Switzerland, they truly are the most purest on the market today. Even though they are not diamonds their sparkle is absolutely outstanding. IBK Crystals are valued for their outstanding beauty.

IBK Crystals are made from pure Austrian Crystal. The crystal is considered by many people to be the most finest quality and full-leaded crystal made today. It contains a minimum of 32%PbO, making the crystal optically very pure. The crystal is then faceted with tremendous precision, creating beautiful prisms. Brilliant colours and/or coatings are added to these crystals to create pendants, stones, and beads of dazzling beauty and a tremendous variety of shapes and sizes. IBK Crystal is unmatched in quality and distinction.

Semi-Precious Jewellery is any gemstones valued for their beauty but which are not one of the four “precious stones”, (emerald, diamond, ruby or sapphire). Some examples of semiprecious stones are amethyst, aventurine, carnelian, garnet, opal, peridot, rose quartz, etc.

A semi-precious stone is the naturally occurring crystalline form of a mineral which is desirable for its beauty and is used in jewellery. Semi-precious stones are available in many jewellery forms; we have used innovation to create our own unique eye-catching range. All of our jewellery items are handcrafted using high quality gems.

At IB Krystals we have chosen 925 Sterling Silver as the main precious metal to accompany our Crystals.

Hence our entire Crystal range is made from 925 Sterling Silver. Like gold, silver can be alloyed with other metals to improve its durability. Sterling silver is the industry standard containing 925 parts silver and 75 parts of another metal, usually copper.

Pieces made from sterling silver are marked 925 to assure silver content. Hence all of or sterling silver products are stamped with the 925 Hallmark to ensure authenticity.

Items marked 18K or 750 have 750 parts gold out of 1000, or 75% pure gold. Hence our entire Wedding Ring collection is stamped with the 18K or 750 hallmark. Like Silver gold can also be alloyed with other metals to enhance durability and strength. The alloy itself does not effect the value of the jewellery, which is instead determined by the labour and craftsmanship involved in making the piece.